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VIP status is earned by our most dedicated players. Earning your way into the VIP area allows you to play at higher limit tables and access exclusive games - Baccarat and Single Deck Blackjack – which are not found anywhere else in the Casino.

The VIP point system is based on RP (reward points). Once you earn enough RP for the month, you will be granted VIP access. Currently we have VIP 1 set at 20,000 RP, which the dedicated user should be able to attain within a month. All of the games are balanced to give out the same amount of RP per time spent. So if your favourite game is Slots, you can earn chips at the same rate as someone else whose favourite game is Roulette. The more chips you win, the more RP you win. We spent a lot of time making sure that all of the games have a shot at earning you VIP.

In addition to having access to the VIP space, earn exclusive benefits. VIP members earn bonus chips from tasks, super slot machines and free chips. VIP members also receive a bonus when purchasing chips from the Chips terminal. In the VIP room, you can find the Royal Reserve – a VIP-only store with exclusive items and sales. VIP members can often find items available here before they are released to the rest of the casino.

There are multiple VIP levels:

  • 5% bonus to chips purchased
  • 2x bonus to task and daily log-in chips
  • 1 Guest pass
  • Access to VIP area and games
  • Access to VIP sales and items
  • VIP Title
  • Minimum 30 Day membership
  • 10% bonus to chips purchased
  • 3x bonus to task and daily log-in chips
  • 3 Guest passes
  • Access to VIP area and games
  • Access to VIP sales and items
  • VIP Title
  • Minimum 30 Day Membership
  • 15% bonus to chips purchased
  • 4x bonus to task and daily log-in chips
  • 5 Guest passes
  • Access to VIP area and games
  • Access to VIP sales and items
  • VIP Title
  • minimum 30 Day Membership
  • When you achieve VIP status you have the rest of the month to play and socialize exclusively in the VIP Room. At 8:00 PM EDT on the last day of the month, your progress towards your VIP level will be reset. Once the next new month starts, you have until the end of the month to earn RP to maintain your status. Those who have earned enough RP this month to become a VIP will retain their status for next month. This will always happen at the end of each month. Do not worry if you did not become a VIP this month. You will have a shot at becoming a VIP every month.
At this time, it is not possible for Steam users and PS4 users to play cross-platform. You will not be able to share your account, chips, RP or items with the other version of the game.
You cannot cash out your chips for real money. However, by playing the casino games you will earn Reward Points(RP), which you can use to purchase cosmetic items for your avatar in-game.
You can gift chips by going to a Chip Station in the casino. These stations are marked by the floating 3D chip above it.

Once you have entered the Chip Station, select "Gift Chips”. Then choose how many chips you would like to gift. Next, select the friend that you want to send the chips to. A screen will pop up where you can confirm your purchase.

After that is done, your friend will receive the chips. What a great gift!
You can get new clothes in a variety of ways! Some are unlocked by completing challenges within the Casino. Most are available to be purchased in the stores on the top floor of the Casino, using the RP that you accumulate from playing any of the games. Some clothes are exclusive for real money purchases.

To purchase clothes using RP, you can walk up to the counter of a store on the top floor of the casino and interact with it. You will find yourself in the store interface, where you can try on new clothes. Once you are happy with what your avatar is wearing, you can purchase your new clothes with the green checkout button at the bottom right. You will go through different windows informing you about the clothing and total RP involved in the purchase. Once you confirm your items and RP costs, you can complete your purchase by clicking on the green checkout icon.

You can also access the stores from the main menu.
If you are being harassed, you have two options: you can block them, or you can report them. If you are standing near the offending party in the casino, you can do this by facing them with your avatar and using the Interact menu. This brings up a list of actions that you can do, two of which are blocking and reporting. You can also type "/block username" in the chat window to block an obnoxious player.

Once you block a user, you will no longer be able to see their messages or their avatar in the casino. If you need to un-block somebody, you can go to the friends menu, then select the “Blocked” tab, where you can see a list of users you blocked. You can press the button with the X under the list to remove them from blocked list.

If you choose to report someone, you will be shown a text input box where you can fill in the details about why you are reporting this person. Once you are done, click the checkmark button to submit your report. If you run out of reports that you can file, you can block the other player for the time being.
We love getting feedback and seeing the community grow, and have set up forums for just this purpose! Feel free to chat with your fellow casino players (and us) over at forum.casino.digitalleisure.com.

Dragon's Lair Trilogy

Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp, Space Ace
Unfortunately, physical copies of the Dragon's Lair series are no longer available. However, you can find digital copies for download on all major platforms if you want to play!

American Laser Games

Fast Draw Showdown, Mad Dog McCree, Mad Dog 2 and The Last Bounty Hunter
Unfortunately, physical copies of the American Laser Games series are no longer available. However, you can find digital copies on the PSN store if you want to play some of your favourites!

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